Posted by: dollsunlimitedomaha | November 4, 2010

Gothic – punk – Rock crystal studs skull buckle with chains biker chic purse

Re-stocked!! but red one is already sold out—sorry….this cool biker chic rock punk gothic skull buckle purse is so hot!

If you are looking for skull design purses, this is it! Large crystal studs 3D skull buckle at from and Chain Embellishments on each sides.  These are Katydid brand and sell out very fast! Come check them out at

We have also the one without chains on sides for less funcky looks! WWW.SKELAPPAREL.COM

Black with bronze

Red with black <<<< Will be in stock soon!

Black with no chains <<< Only one left! HURRY!!!

Punk Rock Hot Pink with silver studs! Sooo hot hot hot! Only two left! HURRY!!!

We also have few cool frame wallets that go with these hot skull purses! Can be a great holiday gift for BIKER MOM, BIKER LADY, TATTOO LADIES, Rockabilly ladies! More more more cool awesome stuff are on sale now at WWW.SKELAPPAREL.COM


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